The picture is almost filled with a yellow cabin, probably of a tractor. Rusty, without windows. Abandoned and forgotten. Through the back window you can see the steering wheel. In the background forest.

Vehicle 1

Elegant, rusty chassis of a large trailer. With intact tires and four side and thin supports made of wood. Found in north Norway.

Vehicle 2

Close-up of the front of an old VW bus. White-blue. The window is covered with an orange and patterned fabric blanket. Seen in Staufen, Switzerland.

Vehicle 3

Close-up of the front of an ancient and completely rusted car. Background. Found near a road in the north of Sweden.

Vehicle 4

An old vehicle assembled from weathered wood. Probably some kind of carriage. In the background reeds and sky. Found in Sicily.

Vehicle 5

Close-up of one side of an old, rusted steam locomotive. Left and right like a process covered with a tarp.  Below three large wheels. Seen in Sweden.

Vehicle 7

Arrangement of construction site container and construction trailer.

Vehicle 10

Alles präsentiert auf einem verlassenen Bahnhof in Schweden. Alte Benzinzapfsäule, daneben ein rotes Fahrrad mit Seitenwagen, welches auf den Eisenbahnschienen fahren kann. Dahinter Teile eines alten Zuges.

Vehicle 11

Front part of a blue, old Jaguar type E. In a trailer for car transport. Abandoned, but hopefully not forgotten.

Vehicle 12

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