Six women, all from behind. They look down from a gallery. Contains a link to a gallery more photos of people.

People 1

Insight into one of the many chapels on Sacro Monte, Ort, Italy. Life-size figures of people. In the foreground a girl with fear. From behind a dog is attacking her.

People 2

Special graffiti. Above, sprayed on the wall, a young couple kissing. Many atomic symbols. Far left, a construction site container on wheels.

People 3

A scarecrow with yellow water protection jacket and pants surrounded by hanging fishing nets. Top right two large dead birds caught in the nets. Taken on a coast in northern Norway.

People 4

In the foreground, a tree branch pointing from the lower left to the upper right, which then turns downward in an arc. Like a swan, which wants to pick something. On the tree trunk hangs on a string upside down a doll. Behind it beach, sea and sky.

People 6

Graffiti abandoned factory in the south of Portugal.Front and side views of two men. Very precisely sprayed. Like photographs. Artist unknown. Please get in touch

People 7

Through a close-meshed net you can see two people, sitting by the sea. Location: Sicily. They are watching the sunset. Above the roof, palm leaves hang down, on the left a wooden post. They are Dagmar and Horst. Horst had a heart attack afterwards.

People 8

Evening mood a lake in Sweden. On the left a wide car, on the right of it a man, which pees. In the middle a high lantern, above a dove. At the top right you can see half of the moon. Romantic light mood in rosé and blue tones.

People 10

Close-ups in a church in northern Italy. Carved in marble are people looking upward with hope. Dramatic. Everything in light white light brown tones.

People 11

Photographed in Cevio, Ticino, Switzerland. On the far left sits a bronze woman on a bench made of stone. She looks to the right with interest. Behind it remains of religious mural with an impressive 3D effect. On the far right a small part of a shelf made of stone.

People 12

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