Pink, abraded rocks. Gently piled up. Opened towards the back in the middle with a small water channel. At the top center view of the blue sky with clouds.

Granit Rose 1

Pink huge boulder. Like an animal lying on its back and rearing up. In the background blue sky, clouds and a bird.

Granit Rose 2

Rocks staggered one behind the other. Like a mountain landscape.  In the background blue sky and clouds. Location: Granite rosé, Brittany, France.

Granit Rose 3

Rock formation of four elements. Underground and on the left a very large, then a medium and on the far right a tel of a more distant rock. Like the top of a lying animal, which rests its head on the ground. And gives a push to the rock on the right. Behind, blue sky with clouds.

Granit Rose 4

Bizarre and huge rock formation. Like a mighty moose, which holds its head up. Behind the sea and blue sky with clouds.

Granit Rose 5

Huge, almost round, pink rock slab. Lies tilted down to the left on another rock. Without slipping. Blue sky with veil clouds.

Granit Rose 6

Close up of washed out rock slab with gullies and furrows. There are some small shells in it. Everything in typical pink color.

Granit Rose 7

Polished rock in U-shape. Bottom center filled with water and green algae. Like a special bowl. In the background the sea with blue sky.

Granit Rose 8

Bizarre, large and pink rock formation with rearing monsters. With open mouth and huge teeth. In the background the sea and blue sky.

Granit Rose 9

Special and meters high rock formation. The central rock has a hole in the middle. In the background blue sky.

Granit Rose 10

Large rock formation. Like a huge mushroom lying on the ground. The like a lid on another rock. In the foreground the supporting rock and green meadow, in the background blue sky with clouds.

Granit Rose 11

Close up of a rock. Open to the left with a view of the sea and further and rock groups far in the background. Blue sky with clouds. As if looking across through the open mouth of a shark to the back. Powerful.

Granit Rose 12

The hat of Napoleon. This is the name of this huge formation of rocks on the coast called Granite rose.

Granit Rose 13

A rock split on the right side, in it a few shells. Above in the background sky and whales. Motto: Less is more.

Granit Rose 14

A meter-high rock sculpture in the shape of a bird. Head tilted down to the left. Large wings. In the back, a circular hole gapes exactly in the middle. Incredible what nature can create.

Granit Rose 15

Ganz locker aufgetürmte, vom Meer abgeschliffenen mächtige  Felsbrocken. Rechts oben guckt der Kopf einer riesigen Eidechse hervor.

Granit Rose 16

Rocks piled many meters high and abraded, built up in a rock face. On top a colossus of rock. It is Dominator. All in a light reddish color. Behind blue sky and wispy clouds.

Granit Rose 18

Piled up rocks. At the back right are the back and head of a dinosaur. Tremendous.

Granit Rose 19

Granit Rose 20

Granit Rose 21

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