Los Barruecos, Malpartida de Cáceres
Callejones de las Majadas 
Cidudad encantada, Cuenca
Spain 2020
Huge, roundish rock, split like a buttock. At the top, a tree grows out of the crevice. This ensures the perception of the proportions. These are truly gigantic.

Enchanted 1

A narrow valley, in the middle a path with green lawn. On the left and right and in the middle, running towards each other, two mighty rock faces roundly abraded by the water. Blue sky. Many clouds.

Enchanted 2

Close-up with an elegantly curved rock face, which takes up three-quarters of the image. On the left a tree trunk and view of what lies behind it: Rocks and sky.

Enchanted 3

A collos of rock. He stands light-footed on a rock plateau. In the background, a wide view of the landscape.

Enchanted 4

Huge rock, open to the front and covered. Like a chapel. At the top two large holes. Seems like a protective hand, which calms the excited viewer.

Enchanted 5

Landscape photography full of round rocks. On two of these rocks storks watch over their nests. An overcast sky covers two-thirds of the image.

Enchanted 6

In the center a huge rock sculpture. Similar to a very large boat hull with a deep keel. This supports the powerful boat on the ground. In the background some trees and some sky.

Enchanted 7

Large, rounded rock formation with a deep fissure. At the very top of the furrow grow trees.

Enchanted 8

Large and bizarre rock formation with a huge hole in the middle.

Enchanted 9

Meter-high solitaire made of rock. Filling the picture. This rests with only little contact surface on a wide rock strip. In the background distant trees and blue sky, cloudy.

Enchanted 10

Rock plateau with a long and several meters deep fissure, which is winding through the photograph to the back. At the back, a dead tree protrudes from the furrow. To the left of it lie thick, weathered parts of a tree.

Enchanted 11

Magically piled up, huge and abraded rock colossi. A tree grows wedged between them. In the foreground shrubs. Overcast sky.

Enchanted 12

Rock spike broken off from the base rock. Rises pointedly upward to above the edge of the image. Between them a deep furrow that extends far into the picture. Sky cloudy.

Enchanted 13

A mighty rock stretches across the picture, directed to the upper right. To the left and right of it, you can see a lake and further back a backdrop with large, round rocks and a few trees. Above it a cloudy sky.

Enchanted 14

Round and large mother rock surrounded by rock babies.

Enchanted 15

Spherical rock. Like a puffer fish. Image filling. On the left edge you can see a lake and behind it some stones and trees.

Enchanted 17

Huge monster made of cut stone. About 50 meters long. Image fills from back right to front left. Huge head with no and close together eyes. In between hind and front legs gapes a meter-high hole.

Enchanted 18

Large coniferous tree with two main branches reaching upward like a U. In the background there are other conifers, probably pines. And an overcast sky.

Enchanted 19

Scene in a forest with two monsters made of stone whose long noses join in the middle. Like a bridge made of two elephant trunks meeting. And notice: everything is one piece of rock.

Enchanted 22

Rocks like mushrooms. Gigantic.Or like loaded UFO, which have a meeting.

Enchanted 23

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