Photography from Tonel beach, located at the southwesternmost end of Portugal. In the picture a sea of colored stones in natural colors, one of them strikingly larger and completely golden.

Algarve 1

A curved, steeply sloping, bright yellow-brown rock Wall. Above sloping to the left and right. At the top to the right and barely visible is a man.

Algarve 2

Again wine red and golden stones and rock slabs at Tonal beach, near Saures, Portugal. In the center back converging image lines.

Algarve 3

Great views of the wild and dramatic rugged coastline of the Algarve, Portugal.

Algarve 4

Rock on the beach on the border between sand and sea. Many meters high with a main and several secondary peaks. For me the diamond of the Algarve.

Algarve 5

Completely bizarre rocky landscape. Hard to put into words. Everything in bright red-brown-yellow colors. At the bottom left a narrow tunnel. This one allows the view of the sea.

Algarve 6

Algarve 7

Close-up of a rocky plateau rising to the back on the Atlantic coast in Portugal. Like a yellow, heavily scarred leather skin.

Algarve 8

Black rock background on the coast of Portugal. In foreground two big boulders in bright golden color. Like big gold nuggets.

Algarve 9

Detail of a deeply rutted rocky landscape of the Algarve, Portugal. Below a tunnel with access to the sea. Above right, the sea can also be seen in the background.

Algarve 10

Photography of the coast in the background. With blue sky. From right to left, about to the center of the picture, is a tapering, yellow and large rock. Like the face of a giant lizard.

Algarve 11

The whole picture shows a very deeply eroded rocky coastal landscape. Everything in warm, red tones.

Algarve 12

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